The 19th Open Auto Drive Forum event took place at HERE in Chicago, USA, on May 9, 2023. Initially planned as an onsite-only gathering, the event eventually accommodated online participation as well. ADASIS Coordinator, Jean-Charles Pandazis attended the event presenting the latest specification available to members of the organisation.

The opening ceremony featured Jeff Raimo, VP of Data at HERE, who extended a warm welcome to the attendees in Chicago and introduced UniMap, HERE’s cutting-edge mapping technology renowned for generating up-to-date and precise maps. Continuing the event’s established tradition, Andras Csepinszky from NNG, spokesperson for OADF and co-chair of SENSORIS, provided an introductory session on OADF for first-time participants.

In response to popular demand, the meeting included a presentation by Fabian Klebert, the NDS technical coordinator. Klebert elucidated the significance of serialisation in the various standards and explained why the NDS opted for Zserio instead of Protobuf, which is widely used in many other standards. During his comprehensive presentation, he meticulously compared the two approaches based on their features, code quality, data size, and encoding/decoding speed. Ultimately, NDS chose Zserio over Protobuf due to its smaller size, faster performance, support for advanced schemas, and compatibility with ASIL-compliant solutions.

The second invited speaker was Takeshi Doihara, an expert from ISO/TC204/WG3 and co-convenor for ISO/TC211/JWG11, responsible for the Geographic Data Files (GDF) standard. Doihara shed light on the scope of ISO/TC204 (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and TC211 (Geographic Information/Geomatics), emphasizing the importance of these standards for GDF development. His presentation also focused on the disparities between GDF5.1-1 (GDF 5.0) and GDF 5.1-2, as well as the feature representation in GDF5.1. Additionally, he provided updates on the harmonization efforts between GDF and ISO 191xx, along with the planned revisions of GDF.

Consistent with previous OADF events, representatives from OADF member organisations and ASAM shared updates on their recent activities:

Jean-Charles Pandazis, ADASIS Coordinator and a representative from ERTICO announced the internal release of ADASIS v3 – 3.0.0. The new version incorporates updated profiles for speed limits and a request-and-response mechanism. ADASIS also revealed their upcoming release of a White Paper in the following months.

Benjamin Engel, CTO at ASAM, delivered an overview of the OpenX standards, with a particular emphasis on the Offroad Concept Project, the ASAM Text Specification, and the ASAM OpenODD.

Martin Schleicher, NDS chair and representative of Elektrobit highlighted the recent advancements in NDS.Live and elucidated how NDS.Live can now efficiently distribute map data in diverse scenarios.

András Csepinszky, co-chair of SENSORIS and representative of NNG provided insights into the latest SENSORIS version 1.6 and outlined the plans for SENSORIS 2.0.

Satoru Nakajo, a founding member of SIP-adus from the University of Tokyo, shared the results of the concluded SIP-adus program in Japan, which concluded in March 2023. He also discussed upcoming follow-up activities.

Matthias Unbehaun, TISA managing director, furnished information about TPEG2, including the requirements and ongoing discussions regarding the subsequent version pertaining to automated driving.

Christian Kleine, President of TN-ITS and a representative from HERE introduced TN-ITS and reported on the progress made towards alignment with DATEXX II and TN-ITS.

The event concluded with a workshop.