Advancing map-enhanced driver assistance systems leading to Automated Driving

The Challenge

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems need to access and use map data, vehicle position, speed, as well as other data in order to improve the performance of these applications and/or to enable new functionalities e.g. automated driving.

However, navigation map databases are inaccessible to applications outside of the navigation system and are stored in the proprietary format of the navigation system. ADASIS is providing the solution.

The ADAS Horizon Concept

As a predictive sensor, digital maps enable drivers to anticipate the road ahead, effectively extending their horizon beyond what is immediately visible and thereby contributing to safer, smarter and cleaner mobility.

ADASIS defines an appropriate interface for exchanging information between the in-vehicle map database, ADAS and automated driving applications.

History & Achievements

2002 Foundation  ERTICO Industry partners initiates the ADASIS forum

2004 – 2007 Research first interface specification tested in Prevent Maps&ADAS project

2008 – 2010 Engineering simplified version of ADASIS specification leading to “Version 2”

2011 Implementation first ADASIS interface in products

2018 Creation of the ADASIS AISBL and release of ADASIS v3.0 for automated driving

2020 Public release ADASIS v3.1

2022 ADASIS 20 years anniversary and internal release of ADASIS v3.2